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Katherine Novotny (Novotny Apothecary)

Registered Herbalist, (AHG)

Katherine Novotny is a western clinical herbal educator & practitioner, a folklore enthusiast, and an urban homesteader/beekeeper.  As a community herbalist, she believes in seasonal health care and empowers her students to pursue healing through backyard gardens, kitchen potions, and deepening their connection to local forests.  Novotny hosts plant related workshops and sees clients for in-depth herbal consultations at her brick and mortar  - The  Indiana Herbal Center.  She is well versed as a Clinical Western Herbalist and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse and Tongue diagnosis.

In 2007, Novotny moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she spent 10 years learning the healing properties of both Eastern and Western plants and fungi.  She has studied with many renowned herbalist including:  Pam Fischer, Dr. William Morris, Atava Garcia, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Paul Stamets, Margie Flint, and Paul Bergner.  While living in Berkeley, CA she taught an extensive herbal apprenticeship program (2013 - 2016) at the  and was the head staff adviser for the donation-based,  community herbal clinic (2014 - 2016).  She has taught many workshops at various herbal gatherings including the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium, Spirit Weavers Gathering, and the Great Lakes Herb Faire.  

Novotny comes from a long line of Eastern European crafty, green-thumbed strong feminine influences.   When she is not communing with wild plants and people,  you can find her sculpting clay or hunting for FANTASTIC vintage clothing.