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Alchemy Herbal Preparations (with Timothy A. Wilkerson, from Our Haven Sanctuary)

Alchemy, the precursor to today's chemistry, reveals the ancient theory that led to the concentration and preservation of herbal remedies. You'll learn the difference between, making crude tinctures such as those available at health food stores, and creating alchemical spagyric tinctures. The word spagyric means to separate, purify and recombine, the three parts inherent in all matter: spirit (alcohol), body (plant matter), soul (essential oil).

You’ll also learn how to make an essential spagyric tincture on a budget. Many working alchemists invest in modern laboratory equipment to prepare their remedies. The ancient alchemists used clay vessels, but today alchemical preparations can be made with common kitchen items such as jars, and steel or ceramic pans. You will learn the various methods of creating potent herbal remedies that don't require an investment in expensive glassware.

Teacher Bio: 

Timothy A. Wilkerson, author of the handbook "Alchemy Astrology: Lost Key To The Philosopher's Stone", studied Herbal Alchemy and Spagyrics at Paracelsus College, with Frater Albertus in 1984. He was a guest speaker at the 2007 International Alchemy conference, and was invited to return lecture on Alchemical Astrology at the 2008 International Alchemy Conference - both in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also spoke at the 2013 NW Alchemy Conference, in Redmond Washington, and at the Rocky Mountain Alchemy Conference in Denver, Colorado in 2016.

He is currently the laboratory manager producing herbal products for Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals. When weather allows, he is a teacher traveling on Rhonda, the retired school bus, or at Herbal Education Inc. festivals and events. He's a member of the International Alchemy Guild, and presently teaching herbal Alchemy, Astrology, and meditation, for awakening. He is honored to reside with his partner Cricket at beautiful Our Haven Nature Sanctuary.


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